Stephen Staten
Founder, Conflict Specialist

Over the last twelve years, Steve Staten has worked with single and multi-site churches of 250 to 6,000 members in the UK, Hawaii, California, Florida, and the Midwest. He consults with risk management and boards of non-for-Profits.

Steve’s early professional life spans nine years in Engineering, where he worked with high energy, sound, radar and computer design. In 1988, Steve and his wife went into ministry full-time, where he acquired over twenty-five years of experience in church leadership, overseeing staff education, pastoring, and managing conflict in a variety of settings. He has a Master’s degree in Theology from Wheaton College (1997) and a Master’s degree from Lipscomb University’s Institute for Conflict Management (2013).

Whether it is extreme temperatures, high electrical currents, or intense emotions of human drama, Steve believes it is best to “think in systems” and leverage rather than restrain the valuable energy of a conflict. His wife Tricia is an eager participant of Lipscomb University's ICM certification workshops, and they have begun a new full-time mission to reconnect conflicted groups and individuals by transforming their conflicts into desirable and robust outcomes.

M.A. Conflict Management
Lipscomb University,  2013

M.A. New Testament Theology
Wheaton College,  1997
Thesis on Unity and Diversity

B.A. Electrical Engineering Technology
Northern Illinois University  1981
Specialized in Intel chip series, w/15 hrs of grad courses, 1981-1982

Tricia Staten
Community Conflict Consultant

During and after her twenty-five year career in ministry, Tricia has worked with Steve in consulting for churches of 250 to 6,000 members in the UK, Hawaii, California, Florida, and the Midwest. In addition to her experience in ministry, and as an educator, Tricia has taken a certification course for conflict in church settings at Lipscomb University Institute for Conflict Management, and stays on top of the field through study.

While Steve brings a researched systems approach to mediation, Tricia brings a complimentary creative education approach. Tricia's unique background in teaching, the arts, and ministry are vividly expressed in the unique communication tools and concepts she develops, including a holistic approach to maturity, called Whole Approach, and community Play Space, a conflict management method.

Conflict Management Course Certification
Lipscomb University, Institute for Conflict Management  2013

B.S. Fine Art Education
Northern Illinois University  1981


The following advisors assist in setting the priority of funds for consultation projects.

Valdur Koha, Boston

Todd Fink, Chicago

John Mannel, St. Louis

John Lusk, Denver

Scott Kirkpatrick, Columbia, SC

Roger Lamb, Boston