Over the least three years there have been emotionally charged events such as the highly contentious police shootings, the global and local immigration debates, and the election of Donald Trump. The skill for engaging successfully on these matters in multicultural settings is known as Cross-Cultural Fluency. An effort is now underway to equip church leaders and other Christians for the ongoing challenges of our communicating in this age of tension.


This free download, Lost (or Saved) in Translation, is a resource for communicating effectively, within your church, during these and future high stakes events. 


The accompanying video presentation will be available on www.UnboxedConference.com by May 15.


Your next step to gaining a communication advantage in these challenging cross-cultural settings is to complete this nine-question Cross-Cultural Fluency Survey.  It takes just three minutes and will give you access to a tribe of Christians seeking to bridge cultural divides, information about an upcoming Cross-Cultural Fluency workshop, and practical resources.  Enjoy!