BRIDGING INTERNATIONAL is a diverse collective of experienced professionals with a common passion for growth and TRANSFORMATION

Founded by Conflict Specialist, Theologian, and Engineer, Stephen F. Staten, Bridging International is rooted in a passion for problem-solving to promote transformative growth for individuals and faith-based organizations.

Our purpose is to promote transformative bridge-building principles through workshops, published material, and services aimed at improving organizational health by bringing resolution to institutional conflicts, achieving individual reconciliation whenever possible, and growing from every challenge.


The story behind Bridging International involves multiple developments. One aspect was Steve Staten’s career as an engineer and problem-solver. Later, a career as a minister and a keen interest in church history highlighted to Steve the tight relationship between church history and church conflict. During the last decade his conflict resolution activity among churches in the Asia-Pacific, mainland US, and Europe exposed him to the immensity of the needs. Over the last few years Steve has been working alongside other ministers, boards and business leaders on ways to improve collaboration on cherished endeavors.

Another part of Bridging International’s backdrop is Roger Lamb, President of Disciples Today. Twenty-five years ago Steve worked under Roger in conference planning and other unifying efforts. Roger has been a bridge-builder among churches since the seventies, as well as an extraordinary communicator. Over the last decade Steve and Roger have been discussing why some ventures thrive and why some fail. They share a vision of helping churches and important not-for-profits becoming more proactive in learning peacemaking skills, preemptive when their problems are surfacing and well managed when a crisis occurs. When Steve completed his education in Conflict Management and launched his own business ( the two of them began making plans for a resource center that would bring experts and specialists from multiple disciplines together.

Bridging International is about bridging: the conflicted church with solutions, the difficult conflict with the conflict specialist, the broken parties with a skilled mediator, and voids in competency with empowering workshops. We are increasingly living in cross-cultural contexts, needing to think globally even when we are stationary. Diverse not-for-profits, congregations and their leaders can talk past each other without knowing it. And if the larger companies and churches intend on growing they will need to communicate, cooperate and collaborate in international, cross-cultural contexts.

The hope of Bridging International is that whether you are part of a church, a not-for-profit or another important company and you seek to operate with Judeo-Christian principles, seek the advantages of organizational health, transform your conflicts into benefits and maximize your resources, we want to help.